Social Slots: A New Generation of Gambling for Fun with Friends

Social slots

Despite social gaming sites being around for about a decade now, most gamblers in Canada and across the globe know very little about them. Casino players who gamble with real money consider social slots to be lesser than the regular slot machine games that are commonly found at online casinos.

This might be true though, especially if you are not playing to have fun or to discover new exciting games, but for a lucky chance at striking a life-changing win with just one spin. Let’s face it; this is always way harder than it sounds. And as we speak, the current Canadian social casino platforms in 2019 are light years away from the ones that were there in the past. Read our exclusive look at the new generation of social slots and find out what you’ve been missing out.

What are Social Slots?

A social slot is an online slot game that is free to play on your mobile device or on social media sites like Facebook. You can play social slots online via the browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet or install the game’s native on any of your devices. While social slots are still a new concept for many, they are quickly catching on and even surpassing some video slots aspects. If you are a regular user of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you must have come across these games in the form of advertisements and even invite requests the course of your browsing.

Features of Social Slots

The reason why social slots have been gaining popularity quite fast is that they come with some pretty impressive features that make them irresistible. Here are some of the social slots features that stand out:

Great Graphics

The gaming market is seeing an influx in the rise of mobile slot games. Therefore, playing with weak visuals is not an option. Social slots have vibrant graphics which create the kind of excitement that slot players crave for.

More Pay Lines

Social slots have more pay lines when compared to the regular slot games which often have between 9 to 25 lines. Remember, more lines mean more wins.

Large Community

Aside from the thrill of chance, what makes social slots more enticing is the excitement of winning and how much enjoyment you derive from sharing it with others. Social slot games have a large community which allows you to get close to other Canadian slot players.


When zipping through several hours of gameplay, trying to keep your finger on the trigger can be a drag. Social slots have an auto spin feature that allows you to set your bet and keep spinning. All this as you sit back, relax, and watch your winnings grow.

Special Bonus Features

Social slots also have special bonus features such as win multipliers, mini-games, and expanded wilds. All these are meant to keep your gameplay exciting and diverse as well as increase you’re your returns in the long run.

How is Playing Social Slots Different from Real Casino Slot Machines?

Here is how the social slots experience compares to real casino slot machines:

  • More funWhile players will argue that real casino slot machines are played for fun, it is still a serious business that is played for real money. Social slots are played purely for fun, making it a more leisurely activity.

  • More engaging – Social gaming sites have a higher level of player engagement, especially since you can invite your fellow slot enthusiasts to compete in adrenaline filled tournaments.

  • High playing motivation – Since social slots are more fun and engaging, they encourage players to play more. They also have more in-game rewards and adventures, which give gamers more motivation to keep going.

  • More interaction – Social slot games tend to be visible when a player is doing other things in social networks such as Facebook thus being more interactive. You can easily share your achievements on your profile for bragging rights and dare your friends to challenge your top score!

Social Slots Differens from Real Casino Slot Machines

Top Social Slots Sites in Canada

Here are the top three social casinos in Canada where you can enjoy social slots via instant play or through downloading the apps for free:

1. Slotomania

Offering a plethora of different niches, this casino is one of the biggest names. You can play it online or download the app on your mobile devices.

Download Slotomania

2. Zynga

Being the most popular Facebook company, Zynga has managed to generate a lot of money into the social gambling industry.

Download Zynga Slots

3. Big Fish Casino

Permits you play any of your favorite Big Fish Casino game on Facebook.

Download Big Fish Casino

Popular Social Media Platforms for Social Slots

Facebook is the most popular social media platform for social slots. Most top social slot games connected to Facebook attract hundreds of thousands to millions of players every month. This is not a surprise, especially now that Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide.

Pros and Cons of Social Slots

Like any other online gaming activity, social slots have many advantages, but they also have their downsides. Here’s a quick breakdown of its hits and misses:

  • They are free, and so, you don’t have to spend your money

  • Allows you to improve on your gambling skills

  • You play against friends and engage in competitions

  • More fun since there’s no pressure to win back your money

  • Are accessible on mobile for more relaxed playing on the move

  • No real money bets

  • No real money payouts