How to Find the Best Slot Machines Online

With thousands of slots currently online to choose from, how can you quickly and easily find the best slot machines for the ultimate online slots experience? Playing online slots is massively popular throughout Canada today, with millions of players logging into online casino accounts to play their favourite slots for a couple of hours or on the go via their mobile devices. One of the most frequently asked questions that we always hear is “how can I find the best slots and not lose all my money doing it?” We’ve put together a quick guide designed to help you find those seemingly elusive top slots without losing any money in the process. Of course, if you enjoy playing slots for fun, you don’t need to worry about finding the best real money slots, only the games that offers the best animations and exciting game features. For real money slots players, the following tips will help you to quickly identify the best slots based on a number of key features, which we will outline here.
  • 1. Always Check the RTP

    The RTP or Return to Player is one of the most important features of any real money slot machine. This is because the RTP tells you how high the payout of that machine is, based on a percentage figure.

    The return to player percentage indicates how much money is returned to you (the player), and is a percentage of the total number of wagers on that particular slot.

    In other words, if a machine has an RTP of 95%, it means that players can expect a return of 95 cents out of every $100 spent on the machine. So the higher the RTP percentage, the better for you.

    Finding the best slots based on their RTP is actually quite easy and there are several options here. As always, Google is your friend (or whatever search engine you prefer). We also recommend slots with the highest RTP percentages and you can even check the machine itself.

    Depending on the software provider, you will often find the RTP percentage figure buried somewhere in the games pay table, settings menu or under its help menu.

  • 2. Slot Volatility

    The volatility of a slot is another feature that is easy to ascertain and goes hand in hand with RTP percentages. The volatility of a slot refers to the risk factor involved in playing that particular slot, which is also known as slot variance.

    In short, if a slot has a low volatility, wins will come more often but will be fairly small. On the other hand, slots with a high variance will pay out less frequently, but at much higher wins.

    The advantage to knowing the slots volatility is that you can cherry pick the slots that best suit your needs or goals. If you’re the type of player that prefers to grind away, collecting smaller but safer wins, low volatility slots are definitely the way to go. However, if you are the big jackpot hunter, you know exactly what to go for too.

  • 3. Get the Opinions of Real Players

    One of the most effective ways to finding the best slots online, is to read up on what other players, just like yourself, are saying about certain slots titles. Let’s face it, you can’t trust every review site because many of them are actually paid by casinos or software providers to deliver a good review on their games.

    However, real players will always give real feedback on slots that they’ve played – especially if the slot ripped them off. Visiting real player forums is the best way to find out which slots work and which ones you should be avoiding.

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